Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the Aloha Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ's).  Although we have made this course web site very easy to use and understand, we understand you may have questions regarding our course and traffic school in general.  Whether you are new to traffic school or a traffic school veteran, we have made an attempt to gather the most commonly asked questions and list them here for your reference.  Please look through this list of questions and answers.  If this list doesn't provide you with an answer to your question, you can always call our customer support line or send us an email at

I am new to traffic school, how does it work?

The Aloha Traffic School course is an online self paced course that allows you to complete your traffic school requirement on your schedule and on your time.  Because it's on the web, you can start and stop anytime, 24 hours a day from any internet connected computer.  Whenever you log back in, the course keeps track of your progress and you start off right where you left off. 

The format is a very familiar "book" style format organized into chapters and quizzes.  You simply follow along by reading each chapter and by completing each open book quiz.  At the end, you are required to pass a short open book final exam. That's all there is too it.

How does your course differ from a Class Room course?

Internet courses are the new thing in traffic school.  Although you receive the same credit, traditional classroom courses require the student to spend a full day in a classroom setting.  These courses are typically 8 hours in length and you will not be let out before the 8 hour limit.  In addition, breaks (bathroom, lunch etc.) are strictly controlled by the instructor.

With the Aloha Traffic School internet course, you are free to complete the course on your own time and schedule.  Nobody tells you when or where to work.  You take breaks when you want. And best of all, you won't have to give up one of your precious weekend days to spend with a bunch of strangers.

How long is the course?

The Aloha Traffic School course is self paced so, unlike a classroom course, you are free to complete it as fast as you are able too (classroom course are typically in excess of 8 hours counting commute time).  As far as average length of time, it's impossible to provide an approximate time as some students prefer to work in one continuous block and others will spread their work out over a longer period of time. The time shouldn't exceed a classroom course but it depends on the individual.

What is a Case or Docket number?

When you got your ticket, the ticket had a unique number printed on it.  This is typically called the citation number.  The court will usually assign your "case" a new, different  number called a case number.  Courts also may call this a docket number.  Because we will generate a completion certificate that needs to be forwarded to your court, the case number is used by the court to give you proper traffic school credit.  To try to minimize potential errors by the court, try to provide us an accurate number when you enroll or any time before you complete the final exam.

On rare occasions, some courts like San Francisco may just use the citation number and not use a case/docket number.  In those cases, just enter the citation number instead.

If you don't know the number at the time of enrollment, just use a convenient temporary number like a zip code.  You can always change it anytime from the Overview Page.

My case number is too long for the enrollment page?

No problem.  Just eliminate the spaces and hyphens.  Just remember when you log in to the course again to eliminate the spaces and hyphens otherwise you won't be able to log in.

When I try to log in, it gives me an error and won't let me back in.  What's going on?

When you log into the course, the required information is simply your enrolled license number and case/docket/citation number.  No special login and passwords to forget. In virtually every situation, the student simply mistypes one of those numbers, either at login time or when he enrolled.  The numbers and letters must be the same (except for upper and lower case).  When you enrolled, you were sent a confirming email with the actual information you enrolled with.  Please check that email carefully.

I paid for traffic school at the court.  Why do I have to pay Aloha again?

This is a common misunderstanding so let us explain.  When you paid the court, you paid the bail amount along with an administration fee for the right to attend traffic school.  The school gets no part of that fee.  The school charges a course fee (for traffic school) that must be paid before a completion certificate can be distributed. The good news is that Aloha Traffic School's course fee, with no hidden charges is typically half of the courts administration fee.  And, only with the completion of traffic school can you get that point off your driving record.  That alone will save you hundreds of dollars on insurance.

How can I pay for the course?

Aloha Traffic School accepts most major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  This includes debit or gift cards with the Visa/Mastercard logo.  We also accept payment via check or money order. When you are prompted to pay, you will be informed of the options in more detail.

Do I have to go anywhere to take the final exam?

No not at all.  The entire course can be completed at your computer where you choose to work.

How do I know if Aloha Traffic School offers traffic violator school for me?

Aloha Traffic School is licensed for all of California by the DMV.

I logged out (or closed my browser), how can I continue the course?

As you know, you can start and stop whenever you want.  If you need to log back into the course, here is the procedure.  From the Aloha Traffic School home page, click on Continue Course. Then type in your drivers license number and your case/docket number just as you did when you enrolled. If you still have trouble, please read your enrollment confirmation email.  It has full details on how to log in again. You didn't enroll yet? Well, you will have to do that first.

I'm at risk of being late. Can I get an extension?

That's a question for your court.  In our opinion, it doesn't hurt to ask.  If you do ask for an extension, please make your request reasonable as those requests have the best chance of being granted.  If you're granted an extension, get started with the course right away as most likely, the extension is a one time deal.

What is my due date?

Your due date or traffic school completion date is the final date the court gave you to complete this course.  This is typically NOT the date you must appear in court as indicated on your ticket.  The due date should be on your courtesy notice.  If you don't have a due date, figure 60 days to complete your course but you should verify with the court.  You can always change this date in your registration profile prior to passing the final exam.

I understand the Final is open book and open note. I don't see a way to use the course to help me with the final exam. What am I doing wrong?

When you start the final exam, the course will display the exam in a separate window or tab from the Course Table of Contents. This will give you the ability to switch back and forth between the two if you need to look up an answer.

Most web browsers will be cooperative with this approach. Unfortunately, certain plugins like popup blockers can interfere with this approach and load the exam in the same window as your Table of Contents. If this happens to you, you can try to debug the problem but the best approach is to use another web browser. We recommend Firefox, Safari or Chrome and they are all free. Sometimes the Table of Contents window will be hidden behind the final exam window so make sure you double check for two windows.

What happens if I don't pass the final exam?

Don't worry, with our open book format, that's not likely to happen. Should you manage to fail the exam, the DMV allows you one additional attempt to pass within a weeks time. There is no additional fee to retake the exam. Should you not pass the 2nd attempt, the DMV requires you to start the course from the beginning or choose another school.

How do I get my certificate to the court?

That's all included with our course. After you pass the final exam, we will automacitrcally send your completion certificate to the court electronically. Make sure you choose the correct court when you enroll.

I seem to have internet problems with the course.  What should I do?

Internet problems are certainly an inconvenience and are usually a function of the internet server provider and not the traffic school.  Most problems can be resolved by waiting a couple of hours for the issue to resolve itself or by closing all your browser windows and logging back into the course.  After you tried these tasks and you are still having problems, you can call our technical support staff or send them an email at

Do I need any special computer or software to complete the course?

You can use any computer with internet access. You will need a web browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox (highly recommended). Although there are no reports from students having problems with a particular web browser, if you exhibit problems with one, try a browser from a different vendor.  The two mentioned above are the most popular.