Privacy Policy


When you leave any personal information on Aloha's web site, either by visiting the "Registration" page or by placing an order, Aloha Traffic School must share that information with some third parties. Those third parties include, but are not limited to, courts, the court’s agents, employees and contractors, third party credit processing companies, and any governmental agencies authorized to see your information.

Credit Card Information

Some electronic commerce sites save your credit card information so that you can order again without having to provide the same information each time. Aloha does not do this for reasons of security. Instead, Aloha passes your credit card information through to a credit card processing agent, who in turn completes the transaction and charges your credit card. Aloha Traffic School must request that one or more third party companies process your credit card transaction. Aloha Traffic School has no control over, or liability for, how such third parties might use your credit card information. Aloha believes that this is similar to the third party processing risk you incur any time you use a debit or credit card. If you are uncomfortable with taking these risks, consider mailing a check or postal money order to Aloha.