This is the agreement between the two parties to this agreement: you and Aloha Traffic School, Inc. (referred to below as "Aloha").

Pay When You Are Ready To Pay

We want you to start the course, and try it out before you pay so you can start without paying first. Although, you cannot take the final examination, or get credit for taking Aloha's course, before you pay for the course. If you are unsure, wait to pay until you are ready to commit to taking the course. Once you pay, there are no refunds.

Your Promises To Aloha Traffic School

The courts require that the person who takes Aloha Traffic School is also the person who received the ticket. You represent and promise to Aloha Traffic School and to the court that has jurisdiction over your ticket that:

  • The person taking our course is the person who received your ticket.
  • If you got the ticket, no other person is taking the course for you.
  • All information you provide to Aloha Traffic School is accurate and truthful.
  • If you provide false or erroneous information to Aloha Traffic School, you are liable for all consequences.
  • Once you pay, you will not attempt to reverse the charges.

Credit Card Information

Some electronic commerce sites save your credit card information so that you can order again without having to provide the same information each time. Aloha does not do this for reasons of security. Instead, Aloha passes your credit card information through to a credit card processing agent, who in turn completes the transaction and charges your credit card. Aloha Traffic School must request that one or more third party companies process your credit card transaction. Aloha Traffic School has no control over, or liability for, how such third parties might use your credit card information. Aloha believes that this is similar to the third party processing risk you incur any time you use a debit or credit card. If you are uncomfortable with taking these risks, consider mailing a check or postal money order to Aloha.

E-mail Address Usage

Your e-mail address, if you provide one, is stored in your customer record in Aloha's database. If you fail to provide and keep Aloha updated with a valid electronic mail address, you risk not receiving important communication and not getting your traffic school completion communicated to your court in a timely fashion.

No Reproduction

You may not copy Aloha's course, quizzes, tests or other materials, or give them to any other person, without Aloha Traffic School's written permission.

Reversing Charges Is Prohibited

Aloha allows you to start the course and try it out before you pay. Don't pay until you are sure you want to take Aloha's course. If you attempt to reverse the charge on your credit card, or stop payment on your check to Aloha, Aloha intends to treat that as an act of material dishonesty, and pursue all remedies. You agree that any dispute with you and Aloha will be resolved in the Superior Courts of Los Angeles County, California, which shall have jurisdiction, providing that the court selected shall have jurisdiction of the subject matter of the action and of the Parties. You agree that the Superior Court of Los Angeles County will have personal jurisdiction over you, and you submit to the personal jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. You will also be liable for the value of Aloha's administrative time, which will be billed at $70 per hour spent collecting money from you.

Report Attempts To Deny Payment

Aloha Traffic School reserves the right to report that as a delinquency to any credit bureau, and to any court with jurisdiction over that matter.

Shipping & Delivery

If your court requires Aloha to deliver evidence of your completion of traffic school to you, Aloha will attempt to ship this evidence of completion of your traffic school course in a timely fashion. However, you bear the risk of any lost mail or shipments. Consider paying for expedited shipping with tracking or certified mail if this is a concern for you.

No Liability

You, and not Aloha, are responsible for how your ticket is resolved. You are responsible for completing traffic school and the delivery of evidence of your completion of traffic to your court in time to meet your court's deadlines. Aloha attempts to provide reliable and accurate information. But you can't rely on it for liability purposes. Aloha Traffic School makes no express or implied warranty for the accuracy of this information or its use. Aloha is not liable for your conduct or failure to act. You assume all responsibility and risk of getting your ticket removed from your driving record, and completing Aloha Traffic School's course and filing the necessary paperwork with your court early enough to meet your court's requirements. Aloha endeavors to keep up the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions on its web site, but is not responsible for any damages you or any third party may have as a result of any content of Aloha's web site or of any late delivery of any certification of completion of traffic school. Aloha provides this traffic school course and the associated service without any warranty as to its reliability, or fitness for a particular purpose. You must assure yourself that Aloha's course is appropriate for you. Aloha strives to maintain the accuracy of materials in Aloha's course. However, Aloha is not liable for any damages you or any third party might incur due to any statement made by Aloha or any information on Aloha's web site.

Right To Terminate

Aloha reserves the right to terminate your service without prior warning or notice for any cause that Aloha deems to be justified. This may include, but not be limited to, any acts of dishonesty.

Use Of Aloha's Web Site

You may use Aloha's web site at your own risk. Aloha does not warrant that it's web site will be error-free or virus free. You should use anti-virus software, and assure that it is updated often. Of course, you are responsible to assure your computer's safety and protect your computer's privacy.

No Legal Advice

Aloha does not offer legal advice with respect to any law or to your ticket or your case. Laws can change at any time. Such changes are beyond the control of Aloha. If you want to consult a lawyer, you need to find a lawyer to advise you on your legal matters. You are paying a small amount of money for this course. If you need a lawyer, you will likely pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for legal advice. You may also consult the sources Aloha used for its course materials. They include the California Vehicle Code, materials published by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, opinions of experts in driving safety, the United States Department Of Transportation, and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Terms Of This Agreement Subject To Change

Aloha has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without notice. However, the price and terms, including all discounts and specials, quoted when you pay for Aloha's course is not subject to change. Review this agreement regularly on-line if this is of concern to you.


Any question of ambiguous or vague interpretation of this agreement cannot be resolved using any rule of interpretation resulting in interpretation against the drafting party to the agreement.

Privacy Policy

When you leave any personal information on Aloha's web site, either by visiting the "Registration" page or by placing an order, Aloha must share that information with some third parties. Those third parties include, but are not limited to, courts, the court's agents, employees and contractors, third party credit processing companies, and any governmental agencies authorized to see your information.